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March 2014, Volume 26, Number 03

Diagnose This!
Diagnose a case for your chance to win

Photo Clinic
An Accidental BB Shot to the Head
Brent M. McGrath, MD, MSc, PhD;
André le Roux, MB, ChB, MD, FCS(Neurosurg)(SA);
Sean Dolan, MD, FRCPC

Consultant's Corner
Answers to your questions from our medical experts

• Oral Transdermal, and Parenteral Testosterone Treatments
• Azithromycin and Calcium-channel Blockers
• Is Palm Olein a Concern for Bone Health in and Beyond Infancy?
• Treating Superficial Thrombophlebitis of the Legs
• Releasing Tongue-tie in a Newborn
• HbA1c Levels for Diagnosing Impaired Glucose Tolerance
• Yearly Chest X-rays for Smokers
• Evidence-based ARB Medications for Post-myocardial Infarction
• Any Role for Anticardiolipin Antibodies (ACA) Testing in CAD?
Mycobacterium avium Treatment
• Hs-CRP Measurement in Cardiac Risk Stratification
• Association Between ACE Levels and Sarcoidosis
• Home Temperature Recommendation for a Newborn Infant
• Is Barium Enema of Any Use?
• Stopping Glucocorticoid Treatment
• Treating Mild Cognitive Impairment
• Hepatomegaly Management Options
• High-risk Category Assessment for CVD
• Bipolar Disorder under the Age of 20
• Ordering Thyroid Functional Tests
• Endometrial Cells Found on a Pap – Is an US Needed?
• Contraindications for Grapefruit Juice and Medication Combination
• Treatment Approach for an Elderly Patient with Dizziness
• Hepatitis C Positive Patients
• Annual Breast and Biannual Pelvic Exams
• Adult Immunization against Tetanus
• Is Apple Cider Vinegar Effective for GERD Patients?

Illustrated cases with questions to test your diagnostic skills

• A Shiny, Pink, Nose Lesion
• A Red Patch on the Forehead
• An Ulcerated Nodule on the Thigh
• A Large Lump on the Neck
• An Asymptomatic Lesion

Case In
What's New in Hypertension Management?

CHEP 2013 Guidelines
Birinder Mangat, MD; Kelly Zarnke, MD, FRCPC

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